Manchester United West Ham: A comprehensive match is dominated by analysis

In an exciting encounter between Manchester United, West Ham, the pre-won 3–0 victory. The match demonstrated the skills of Manchester United on the field, stolen by major moments and players. Let’s fly into a detailed analysis of this exciting game.

Key Events

1. Manchester United 1-0 West Ham (Hosland, 23)

Hoslund’s initial target set tone for United’s dominance in the match.

2. Manchester United 2-0 West Ham (Garnacho, 49)

A magnificent target by Garnacho strengthened the leadership of United, which shows their attacker skills.

3. Manchester United 3-0 West Ham (Garnacho, 84)

The second goal of Garnacho sealed the fate of the game, exposing the efficiency of United in retaliation.

Remarkable moments

Player of the player: Shaw’s concrete performance since returning from injury and Antony’s impressive replacement showed the depth of the United squad.

Defense flexibility: replacement of lindelof for shaw and defensive efforts, especially the brave block of Dalot, highlighted the flexibility of the United.

Strategic replacement: Managerial decisions, including Varan’s entry, demonstrate the adaptability of United and defensive stability.

In-Depth Analysis

First half dominance

Manchester United led the first half, courtesy of Hoslund’s well time target. Despite several occasions of West Ham, United goalkeeper Onana proved important in maintaining the lead.

Garnacho’s talent

The targets of Garnacho in the 49th and 84th minutes simulated the clinical finishing of Manchester United. The second goal, with a decisive deflection from Agward, performed the skills of young talent.

Defensive excellence

Major defensive moments, including the important blocks of Dalot and the spontaneous integration of the varanas, highlighted the defensive skills of Manchester United. The defensive unit led by Maguire and Shaw effectively thwarted the attempts of West Ham.

Midfield challenges

While United finished third, midfield faced challenges. Sosek’s condemnic journey earned him a yellow card, which revealed the despair of West Ham in combating United’s Swift infections.


Manchester United’s performance against West Ham showed his dominance on the field. From clinical finishing to defensive excellence, the team’s strategic attitude and adaptability underlined his superiority. The purpose of this comprehensive analysis is to capture the essence of a notable match, which is to position Manchester United as a force in the Premier League.


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