Inter Miami’s Triumph in Hong Kong: A Remarkable Start to 2024

In a captivating display of skill and determination, Inter Miami secured their first victory of 2024 during a friendly match in Hong Kong. Despite the absence of star players Lionel Messi, Jordi Alba, Luis Suarez, and Sergio Busquets, the Herons showcased their prowess on the pitch, delivering an impressive performance that left fans in awe.

First-Half Struggles and Robert Taylor’s Brilliance

The opening half presented challenges for Inter Miami as they faced a local select XI. Henri Anier managed to level the score after a brilliant opening goal by Robert Taylor. However, the real turning point occurred as the team regrouped during halftime.

Second-Half Dominance and Goal Scoring Galore

Inter Miami displayed their quality in the second half, overpowering the hosts with a flurry of goals. Lawson Sunderland, Leonardo Campana, and Ryan Sailor all found the back of the net, securing a comprehensive victory for Tata Martino’s squad. The crowd, initially frustrated by Messi’s absence, witnessed a remarkable display that instilled fresh confidence in the team.

Player Performances: Campana’s Influence and Sailor’s Thunderous Header

Leonardo Campana, leading the line in the absence of Suarez and Messi, played a crucial role in linking the play for Inter Miami. His goal midway through the first half marked a significant contribution to the team’s success. Ryan Sailor, initially struggling on the ball, redeemed himself with a thunderous header, sealing Inter Miami’s triumph.

Inter Miami's Triumph in Hong Kong: A Remarkable Start to 2024

Tactical Insights: Martino’s Strategic Shift and Defensive Solidity

Noteworthy was Martino’s decision to stick with a back four, deviating from the 5-3-2 formation used in previous preseason fixtures. The team looked more solid in defense, raising questions about Martino’s tactical plans for the upcoming season.

Substitutes’ Impact and Gressel’s Stellar Performance

A triple substitution saw Gressel, Sunderland, and Campana leaving the field, demonstrating Martino’s strategic use of the bench. Gressel’s growing influence in the second half, along with his adept drifting inside, showcased a promising performance since his off-season move to Miami.

The Crowd’s Chorus and Messi’s Anticipation

Despite chants of ‘We want Messi’ echoing through the stadium, the Argentine maestro did not make an appearance. The anticipation among fans and the frustration expressed by the crowd added a layer of drama to the match.


In conclusion, Inter Miami’s victory in Hong Kong marked a significant milestone in their 2024 campaign. The team’s ability to overcome first-half challenges, tactical adjustments, and the stellar performances of individual players contributed to a memorable win. As the team heads into the season, the triumph without Messi serves as a testament to their depth and resilience. Inter Miami fans can undoubtedly look forward to an exciting and promising season ahead.

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