This Is Me of Jennifer Lopez … Concert tour: A Musical Extravaganza starts 26 June

Prepare yourself for a sensational music trip as prestigious singer and artist Jennifer Lopez, it announces that it is highly anticipated to me. The tour marks a victorious withdrawal for Lopez, which is the first time since 2019, and promises an unforgettable experience for fans across the United States. In this article, we fly into details of this summer extraordinary, this tour can expect fans to cover the dates, places and exciting insights.

Jennifer Lopez Tour Kickoff and Force Program

This is me … Now the Tour will kick in a vibrant city of Orlando on 26 June, setting up a platform for a tornado adventure in 30+ cities in the US. The journey will end in the energetic city of Houston on 31 August. The way, the Kia Forum in Lopez Los Angeles and a hometown at the Madison Square Garden will translate the prestigious places including the spectacle.

Major tour dates

26 June: Orlando, Fl @ Kia Center

28 June: Miami, FL @ Kaseya Center

2 July: Austin, TX @ Moody Center

July 11: Los Angeles, Ca @ Kia Forum

August 16: New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden

…and many more!

Ticket information

For fans of Avid JLO, the opportunity to secure tickets for this mesmerizing experience begins from 20 February, especially JLO. Through the fan club. The sales of general tickets will begin on February 23, which will give fans a chance to be a part of this music festival. Stay for other pre-b-bizarre and announcements that will ensure that you do not miss the chance to see Jennifer Lopez live on stage.

Album and film release

Incidentally with the tour, Jennifer Lopez is set to release his new album, Dis Is Me … Now, on the day of the announcement of the tour. Fans can also guess a film together, it is me … Now: A love story, the same day is released. J. Dive into the world of LO and find the artistic journey behind these works.

Behind the screen: The Greatest Love Story Never Neo

On 27 February, “The Greatst Love Story Never Neo” will hit a documentary screen titled, which provides a specially in making both the album and the film. Get insight into the creative process and be witness to dedication and passion that went on bringing these projects to life.


This is the me of Jennifer Lopez … Now Tour is not just a concert series; It is a cultural event that promises to leave an indelible mark in summer of 2024. Secure your tickets, mark your calendar, and get ready to immerse yourself in the unique music talent of Jennifer Lopez. It is not just a tour; It is a celebration of artistry, passion and magic of live music. Do not miss the opportunity to be a part of history as JLO once again takes the center stage! 

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