Understanding the outbreak of Listeria: a comprehensive guide

In recent developments, Rizo-Lopez Foods has started a voluntary recall of 58 dairy products, including cheese, curd, and sour cream, due to potential contamination with Listeria Monocytozens. This memory has raised concerns as it is believed to have been associated with a nationwide outbreak of Listeria monocytozens, resulting in two deaths, 26 diseases and 23 hospitals admitted to the Disease Control and Prevention Center (CDC).

Recall: What you should know


Remembering, it is feared that these 58 products can contribute to the outbreak of the running Listaria monocytozens. Understanding the gravity of the situation is paramount because the results have already proved to be serious, with the deadly fatal and many cases of the disease.

Recognized product

As the latest information, recall includes various brand names such as TIO Francisco, Don Francisco, Rizo Bros, and more. A detailed list of affected individual products may be found here.

distribution channels

Contaminated products were widely distributed by rejo-lopez foods and other distributors throughout the country. Retail Daily Counters including El Super, Currendus Market, Northgate Gonzalez, Superior Grocery Its and others also carried out these products. It is important to note that the sales were not limited to these retail vendors alone.

Reply to the crisis

For taking action

If you find out that you have any dairy products listed in recall, immediate action is mandatory. Emphasis was laid by CDC, avoiding consuming any of these items should be avoided. To deal with them properly or return them to the store where they were purchased. In addition, do thorough cleaning of your refrigerator, containers and surfaces that can come in contact with missed dairy products.

Understanding Listeria Monocytozenses

Listeria monocytozens, bacteria responsible for this health crisis, create serious dangers. This is especially dangerous for the weaker population, including weak individuals, young children, pregnant women, elderly, and people with compromised immune systems. However, even healthy adults can bend to its effects. Symptoms are severe headache and hardness to high fever, nausea, stomach pain and diarrhea.

contact information

For any concern or question about this recall, the consumer on 1-833-296-2233 Rizo-Lope’s Foods, Inc. Can reach.

Finally, it is important to take informed and accelerated action during this important position. The results of Listeria monocytozens are important, underlining the importance of cautious and responsible consumer behavior. Your security and welfare is our extremely priority.

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