A Union For Eternity: Sojin and Lee Dong Ha’s Journey to Matrimony

In a world where love stories unfold on the silver screen, the real-life tale of Girl’s Day’s Sojin and actor Lee Dong Ha transcends the boundaries of reel and real. As the autumn leaves dance, a new chapter is etched in the stars for this dynamic duo. This article delves into the joyous revelation of their impending nuptials, a celebration of love that promises to echo through time.

Love Beyond the Limelight

Love, like a rare gem, often reveals itself in unexpected places. Sojin and Lee Dong Ha‘s love story began amidst the cinematic magic of “The Grotesque Mansion” in 2021. As the cameras rolled, a connection deeper than any script could fathom blossomed, laying the foundation for a love that would withstand the test of time.

A November Affair

Amidst the whispers of autumn, an industry insider unveiled the exciting news of their impending marriage. November, the month of falling leaves, will witness the union of two souls deeply intertwined by fate. Noon Company and 51K, the guardians of their professional realms, issued a joint statement, affirming the commitment of Sojin and Lee Dong Ha to embark on a journey as each other’s ‘special one.’

A Private Affair

In a world often dazzled by the glitz of celebrity weddings, Sojin and Lee Dong Ha choose the path of intimacy. The ceremony, a tapestry of love and trust woven through years of companionship, will unfold privately with only the closest witnesses—family, relatives, and cherished acquaintances. It’s a testament to the genuine connection they’ve nurtured away from the spotlight.

Sojin’s Heartfelt Revelation

Breaking the news to her ardent followers, Sojin took to Instagram with a heartfelt message. She shared not just a proclamation of love but a testament to how Lee Dong Ha filled the voids in her life with love. In a world bustling with chaos, he became her sanctuary, a realization of her own precious existence. The promise she makes is not just to spend a lifetime together but to savor every moment with wisdom, faith, and an enduring love.

A Journey Through Time

Born in 1986, Sojin’s journey has been a kaleidoscope of success, from the energetic stages with Girl’s Day to the nuanced performances in dramas like “Stove League” and “The King: Eternal Monarch.” Lee Dong Ha, born in 1983, marked his debut in the musical “Grease” and painted his legacy through compelling roles in dramas such as “Doctor Lawyer” and “Agency.”

The Art of Gratitude

Sojin, in her message, extends her heartfelt gratitude to fans who have been with her since the inception of her career. It’s a sincere acknowledgment of the unwavering support that has fueled her artistic endeavors. As she steps into this new chapter, the promise is not just to her partner but to the audience—a commitment to repay love with stellar projects and exceptional acting.


In the realm where dreams merge with reality, Sojin and Lee Dong Ha’s union is a beacon of hope. As they step into the sacred bond of marriage, their journey becomes a testament to the enduring power of love. November will not only witness the rustle of autumn leaves but the harmonious chords of two hearts beating as one. Here’s to a future filled with love, laughter, and the timeless magic of Sojin and Lee Dong Ha.

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