Chasing M’s Foundation CPR Tour: Buffalo Bills Making a Global Impact

In the vibrant city of London, where the Buffalo Bills recently made an impactful visit, Damar Hamlin, the safety for the Bills, went beyond the typical post-practice activities. Instead of opting for the usual sightseeing or food tours, Hamlin chose to give back to the community. This marked the first international stop of his Chasing M’s Foundation CPR Tour, a venture with a mission to make a difference globally.

The Essence of the CPR Tour

The Chasing M’s Foundation CPR Tour is not just a routine charity event; it’s a transformative experience for both participants and beneficiaries. Hamlin, in collaboration with the American Heart Association, provides an opportunity for individuals to learn CPR, a life-saving skill that transcends borders. The tour also involves the distribution of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to local teams, emphasizing the importance of preparedness in emergency situations.

Unique Elements of the London Stop

While some aspects of the London stop mirrored previous ones, such as the CPR training and distribution of AEDs, there were delightful nuances. The AEDs in London had a distinctive British touch, adding a touch of cultural uniqueness to the event. Additionally, the athletes in London made it clear that they played American football, showcasing the global impact and recognition of the sport.

Personal Stories and Global Impact

Kojo Oteng, a recipient of an AED for his team, vividly recalls the pivotal moment when Hamlin collapsed during a “Monday Night Football” game. The incident, though initially frightening, ultimately led to Hamlin sharing his testimony today. Oteng’s story echoes the sentiment that Hamlin’s actions extend far beyond the football field, impacting lives globally.

International Expansion Plans

Hamlin, originally planning international stops for 2024, expedited his global mission with the Bills’ London trip. The vision is clear – to make the Chasing M’s Foundation CPR Tour a worldwide phenomenon. Coach Sean McDermott emphasizes the team’s commitment to representing not just Buffalo but also reaching out to Bills fans worldwide.

The Heart Behind the Mission

Damar Hamlin, the driving force behind the Chasing M’s Foundation, has always been passionate about making a difference. His commitment to continuing this mission, even amidst a packed international schedule, speaks volumes about his character. McDermott acknowledges the profound impact Hamlin has made, not just as a player but as a person dedicated to uplifting others.

Towards a Worldwide Impact

The decision to take the CPR Tour international reflects Hamlin’s newfound calling. It’s not just a mission; it’s a new way of life for him – an opportunity to create a lasting impact globally. As Hamlin himself puts it, “It’s a new calling for me, a new mission to truly get out here and make an impact.”


In the heart of London, Damar Hamlin and the Buffalo Bills showcased not only their prowess on the football field but also their commitment to making a positive impact globally. The Chasing M’s Foundation CPR Tour is more than a tour; it’s a movement that transcends boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those it touches. As the tour continues to gain momentum, it’s not just the Buffalo Bills but the world that stands to benefit from the life-saving skills and heartfelt commitment exemplified by Damar Hamlin and his team.

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