Logan Paul’s Path to Billionaire Status: A Prime Collaboration with KSI

In the dynamic world of YouTube and professional wrestling, Logan Paul stands as a prominent figure with over 23 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and a staggering 27 million followers on Instagram. Beyond the realms of social media, Paul has ventured into various investments and income sources, positioning himself as a notable entrepreneur. The focal point of his journey towards a billionaire status, as per recent reports, revolves around his collaboration with KSI and their venture, Prime Energy Drink.

The Prime Energy Drink Phenomenon

Founded less than two years ago, Prime Energy Drink has rapidly gained prominence, formally introduced on January 20, 2022. What sets this business apart is its collaboration with KSI, creating a synergy that might propel Logan Paul into the realm of billionaires. KSI’s manager, Mams Taylor, suggests that Prime Hydration, LLC, the parent company of Prime Energy Drink, could be valued between an astounding $8–10 billion. Notably, Prime sponsors high-profile athletes and organizations, including the UFC, contributing to its rapid ascent in the market.

Logan Paul’s Candid Reflection

In a recent segment of the BS w/ Jake Paul podcast, Logan Paul openly discussed his partnership with KSI, attributing it as a pivotal element in his success. Contrary to traditional notions of a savvy businessman, Paul humbly admits, “I’m really not like a good businessman… I’ve partnered with the good businessman [KSI], who knows what they are good at, and we all kind of fill in the gaps and make this really good team… It’s all a team.” This candid acknowledgment reveals the strength of collaboration and strategic partnerships in the business landscape.

The Financial Landscape

Delving into the financial specifics, Inside Sports reports that Logan Paul holds a significant 20% stake in Prime Energy Drink, marking it as his primary source of income. As of 2023, his earnings through Prime are estimated at $27 million. With the current market value of Prime standing at approximately $350 million and Paul’s ownership at 20%, his stake in the beverage company alone is valued at around $70 million. Cumulatively, with diverse income streams, Logan Paul’s net worth is predicted to soar to $245 million, significantly outpacing his collaborator, KSI, whose net worth stands around $27 million.

The Billionaire Question

The question that lingers in the minds of many is whether Logan Paul will become the first YouTuber billionaire. The trajectory of Prime Energy Drink’s success and Paul’s strategic approach to business suggest a plausible path to this unprecedented milestone. The collaborative spirit, as emphasized by Paul, and the business acumen of KSI create a synergy that could redefine success in the digital era.


Logan Paul’s journey from a YouTuber and professional wrestler to a potential billionaire reflects the evolving landscape of digital entrepreneurship. The Prime Energy Drink collaboration with KSI serves as a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and effective team dynamics in achieving extraordinary success. As the Prime duo continues to make waves in the market, the prospect of Logan Paul becoming the first YouTuber billionaire appears not just promising but an imminent reality. Stay tuned for the unfolding chapters of this entrepreneurial saga.

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