Larry Hogan’s Bid for the Senate: Shifting Dynamics in Maryland Politics

Former Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has made a significant announcement that has the potential to reshape the political landscape in the state. In a bid to replace the retiring Democratic Senator Ben Cardin, Hogan’s entry into the race adds a layer of complexity to the already challenging 2024 Senate map for Democrats.

A Moderate Approach to Politics

In a video unveiling his candidacy, Hogan struck a notably moderate tone, distancing himself from the theatrical aspects of politics. He emphasized the need for leaders who can transcend partisan divides, recognizing the limitations of any single individual to possess all the answers or power. This positioning sets Hogan apart as a pragmatic leader, focused on collaborative governance.

Hogan’s Political Journey

As a successful businessman and the son of a former congressman, Hogan first secured the governor’s seat in 2014 with a victory margin of nearly four percentage points. His re-election in 2018, by an impressive 12-point margin, solidified his standing as a popular figure in Maryland politics. Notably, Hogan’s departure from the office in 2023 occurred on a high note, making him one of the most well-regarded governors in the nation.

Criticism of Trump and Independent Endeavors

Hogan’s political identity is marked by his moderate stance and vocal criticism of former President Trump. Despite flirting with a third-party presidential bid supported by the non-partisan group No Labels, he eventually threw his support behind Republican Nikki Haley. This independent streak showcases Hogan’s commitment to principled decision-making, even if it means diverging from the traditional party lines.

Democratic Concerns and Counterarguments

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) wasted no time in responding to Hogan’s candidacy. They signaled their strategy to link Hogan, an arch-centrist, to the broader conservative agenda of the national GOP. The statement by DSCC spokesperson Maeve Coyle framed a vote for Hogan as a potential shift in Senate leadership and the enactment of more conservative policies, particularly on issues like abortion.

The Maryland Electoral Landscape

Maryland, historically a Democratic stronghold, faces an interesting dynamic with Hogan entering the Senate race. In 2020, the state voted for President Biden by a significant margin. However, with a presidential election coinciding with the Senate race in November, Hogan might encounter challenging headwinds. The state’s Democratic primary also adds an element of competition, featuring candidates like Rep. David Trone and Angela Alsobrooks.


Larry Hogan’s entrance into the Senate race introduces a compelling narrative to Maryland’s political saga. His moderate approach, coupled with a track record of bipartisan governance, challenges the traditional political dichotomy. As the 2024 elections unfold, Maryland becomes a focal point for political observers, with Hogan’s bid injecting a new level of unpredictability into the state’s political future.  

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